English book 10th class Punjab textbook board pdf

English book 10th class Punjab textbook board pdf


Hi, dear students here you download English text book 10th class for free easily. This book contains 172 pages and 10 chapters and 3 poems. I explain this book starting paragraphs so if you want to read these paragraphs in detail then download the English 10th class book pdf.
This book downloaded from the Punjab textbook board.

English book 10th class Punjab textbook board pdf chapter details

1-Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) an Embodiment of Justice

Hazrat Muhammad (SW) life is a perfect example and example for those who want to achieve goodness, piety, and success in their social life as well as in their individual life.

People can receive messages and guidance from their lives to achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual, and social spheres of life. Through his practical example, he has set very high and excellent ideas for all mankind to follow in all walks of life.

2-Chinese New Year

In the English text book 10th class chapter, you read how Chinese Wellcome to his new year. Chinese new year is a holiday that celebrated according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese celebrate the holiday with family gatherings, gift-giving, and festive decoration.

3-First Aid

In this chapter, you read how important first aid kit and techniques for saving someone's life. In this chapter, you learn how to save a person's life if an accident happens with him. How to treat him for saving her life.In this chapter, you also learn all first aid techniques.

4-Television V/s Newspapers

In this chapter, you read the difference between Television and newspapers. At the start, the newspaper introduces to cover new but later its uses for entertainment.

Television in start introduce for entertainment but it becomes a very effective source of news. Now today life people use television for news and entertainment. They are fewer numbers of persons who read newspapers. For full details download English 10th class book pdf.

5-Little by Little one runs fast

In this chapter, you read about life. How life has gone fast day by day. Life passes away little by little. The writer tried to say he spends his life according to his experience. Every person spends his life according to his experience. The writer says he does a lot of hard work for his life to become successful.

6-Choosing the Right Career

This chapter about the student's careers. This chapter explains students only choose careers who gave him a lot of money. Students did not choose carriers with their interests.

When students did not choose her career without her interest then he not become successful in her life. Dear students read this chapter because it's very important for you for reading this in detail then download class 10 English book for free.

7-A world without books

In this chapter, the author tries to say imagine when the world has no books that happen. In this chapter writer also discuss a story between him and one person who sits on the road and reads a book. For more details view class 10 English textbook pdf free or download.

8-Great Expectations

In this chapter, the writer explains a person his name was Pip life from childhood to adulthood. The writer tries to say in life a man faces a lot of problems. Pip is a person who faces many problems but he does not lose heart and he took great expectations from God.

9-Population growth and global food supply 

In this chapter, the writer discusses a very big problem in the world. The problem is the population grows fastly but man not supply food according to these population needs. The writer says all countries spend a lot of money on weapons but no one focuses on food that is a basic and important need for life.

Now we discuss Population details from being according to English text book 10th class last chapter Population growth and global food supply.

  • 10,000 years ago, 10 million people
  • By 1850 the population was 1 billion
  • For the next 80 years, 1930 reached 2 billion
  • 45 years, it doubled again (4 billion in 1975)
  • 12 years to reach 5 billion 1987
  • 6 billion in 1999
  • By the year 2020, there will be 8 billion


In this chapter, you read some incidents and you read how to be loyal if you discuss someone's problem. You get good loyalty examples from Hazrat Omar's life. How he solves the problems with loyalty.

English book 10th class Punjab textbook board pdf Poems short details

1-Try Again

In English text book 10th class first poem, the poet says if you have not become successful in life then not lose heart and try again. Try again and again till success. Man not successful in life a lot of time so don't lose heart at this time try again. When you lose then you must show courage and if you show you will never scared.


This poem related to Rain. In this poem, the poet explains the scene of rain. Poet says when rain then I heard a sound of rain on the leaf drop after drop. It is a very beautiful noise. In the rain, everyone becomes happy and enjoy the rain. Children's play in the rain. Trees look fresh. After the rain, the sun shines bright. It is a very beautiful scene.


In English book 10th class Punjab textbook board pdf in this last poem, the poet says nature teaches us lessons through the wind, water, mountains, and light. Wind in the form of storm smashed everything. In its rage, it destroys trees, fields, and buildings. But when the wind is gentle and cool it gives lives to buds, birds, and humans, we have to expence to enjoy peace.

If you want to read these chapters and poems in details then download the English text book 10th class for free.

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Pages 172
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