10th class English book PDF free download

10th class English book PDF download
10th class English book PDF download


If you want to download 10th class English book PDF then you are right place just scroll down to download book link given below.This book contains 10 chapters and 3 poems.This book contains 172 pages.

I explain all chapters starting paragraphs if  you want to read complete chapter with details then download book.

1-Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) an Embodiment of Justice

Hazrat Muhammad (SW) life is a perfect example and example for those who want to achieve goodness, piety and success in their social life as well as in their individual life. People can receive messages and guidance from their lives to achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social spheres of life. Through his practical example, he has set very high and excellent ideas for all mankind to follow in all walks of life.

2-Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of the new year according to Chinese lunar calendar. It is considered one of the most important holidays for Chinese families. The holiday is celebrated with a large family gathering, gift giving, symbolic meal and festive decoration.

It's all about celebrating the coming of the New Year and celebrating the coming of spring. In China, the lunar calendar is still used to determine traditional holidays, such as the Chinese New Year. Since the lunar calendar is based on the phases of the moon in which there is a slight detour from the sun, the Chinese New Year is never the same day each year, but usually occurs between January 21 and February 20. month

3-Try again (Poem)

This is a lesson you should pay attention to -Try again:
If you don't succeed at first,
Try again:
Then you must show courage.
Because if you are patient,
You will never be scared,

4-First Aid

We all need help at once times in our lives. Occasionally we may have accidents and we may even suffer. When we get injured or suddenly get sick, we need someone to help us - anyone who knows what to do is a temporary and immediate help.

This timely help, which includes common medical techniques, is the most important for victims and is often life-saving. Any ordinary person can be trained for first aid. This first aid can be done using minimal equipment. There is a difference, from a lack of knowledge of First Aid to dealing with an unconscious victim.

5-Rain (Poem)

I heard the sound of rain on the leaf
I hear full addresses from above
Letting the poor down
Drop after drop
A lovely noise to hear
These green leaves are nearby
And when the sun comes out
After that the rain will stop
Every dark round drop
I hope the sun shines brightly.

6 Television V/s Newspapers

News coverage on television is different than reading a newspaper. Newspapers were set up primarily to cover news, and later they added entertainment. Television, on the other hand, was originally created for entertainment and then became an effective source of news.

 Now television news has become a powerful rival of newspapers. Although both of these resources cover news effectively, there is a clear difference in the way they do it.

7-Little by Little one runs fast

The last two years have been my longest ride. The experiences may be different, but everyone has gone through the same "teen" situations as I have. They have all dealt with themselves. As a personal participant in this "game", which we call life.

 I would say that I worked hard and earned it in the first place. I just have a creative outlook on things. That's bad, but the fact is that not everyone sees it as me.

8-Peace (Poem)

The wind is now Thundering, breaking
The monster of destruction,
To harass all man's affairs
From the valleys,
From the people,
And sends them spinning,
Broken flight But that's all
Not the core of it,
Its focus is in fact Flame Silence
Bright blue sky And you all listen
There are gentle whispers
far away And unimportant.

9-Choosing the Right Career 

There was a time when any student's future plans revolved around becoming a doctor, pilot or engineer. Some of these articles were considered to be the only areas that could offer a rewarding career both in terms of respect and money; reluctantly, students were unaware of other opportunities that might have been more rewarding.

10-A world without books

An Irish novelist, Colm Toibin, once told a story about a Catwoman man reading a book while sitting on the Kowloon sidewalk. The man's face was tight with concentration, and his finger was reading the line.

 Sometimes the expression of a human being becomes frustrated with its development. Finally the reader looked up at the sky while his face was shining. It doesn't matter if you were suddenly happy with the writing or disclosure process or happy about how the story was solved.

 The point is that he had a deliciously private thing between him and the author, between the real world and the world described on the pages.

11-Great Expectations

The Great Expectations Written by the great English author, Charles Dickens, the story takes place in England in the nineteenth century. The main character is called Pip. We read about their lives from childhood to adulthood.

 She was raised by her sister. She was very tough and tough with him. Who was her best friend. Her sister had a husband. He was king and warm. He loved Papa as much as he was his own son.

12-Population growth and global food supply

Concerned and ever-growing populations are causing serious economic problems in almost all continents. There is a lot of pressure on cultivable land, water, energy and biological resources. As the population of the world grows, the problem of food becomes more and more severe.

 Will One of the most vulnerable developing countries will be the population. Per capita availability of food commodities has been declining for the past 25 years. Indeed. With a quarter million people being added to the global population every day, the need for cereals and all other foods will reach extraordinary levels.

  • 10,000 years ago, 10 million people
  • By 1850 the population was 1 billion
  • For the next 80 years, 1930 reached 2 billion
  • 45 years, it doubled again (4 billion in 1975)
  • 12 years to reach 5 billion 1987
  • 6 billion in 1999
  • By the year 2020, there will be 8 billion

13- Loyalty

Once Hazrat Omar was sitting in the mosque Nabvi was busy with state affairs. Two young men, the owners of a strong and strong country, appeared before him. He complained to Hazrat Omar (Riz) that the man had killed his old father. They demanded justice by convicting the killer of his crime.

Name English
Pages 172
Language English Medium
Size 37 MB

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