Pakistan studies book 10th class in Urdu PDF download

pakistan studies book 10th class in urdu pdf
pakistan studies book 10th class in urdu pdf


Dear students here you download Pakistan studies book 10th class in Urdu PDF  easily.This book contains 5 chapters and 152 pages. In this book you learn Pakistan history and Pakistan old Prime ministers history.

 I explain all 5 chapters important paragraphs so if you want to read complete chapters then download this book book link given below.

5-History of Pakistan (part-2)

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took over the office of president of Pakistan as well as Chief Martial Law Administrator on 20th December 1971.He said these words in his first speech"The country is facing a serious crises.

I have assumed power at a time when the history of Pakistan has reached its turning point. I have to build a new and progressive Pakistan which Quaid-e-Azam dreamed, it is my belief that it will definitely be done".

6-Pakistan in World Affairs

A country sets its foreign policy in the light of domestic domestic policies. Foreign policy of a country does not remain static but changes according to time and circumstances Pakistan's principles of foreign policy are its ideology and national integration.

Pakistan came to being on 14th of August 1947 and n inherited the legacy of foreign policy from the Sottish India. However it made some adjustments m accordance with its ideology and actives of Pakistan movement Its foreign policy as determined three factors 
  1. Secant 
  2. Development 
  3. Ideology
 Its Security remains the cornerstone of its foreign policy. because of his geographical  location and historical background Its relationship v uh super powers and regional'powers have been Actuation according to political weather, in permanent feelings of countenance m their friendship.

Thus Pakistan's Formosan police underwent changes to exigencies of time and requirement of emotional situation. However Pakistan evolved some base.

7-Economic Development

According to Professor Arthur Lewis "The increase in the production of goods and services is called economic development."To spend a better life, fundamental changes are brought about in the economy which results in economic development.

In short, the movement of a backward economy towards becoming a developed economy is called economic development.In 1975 the government of Pakistan established organization called Pakistan industrial development corporation.

Small industry means that industry which employs 2 to 9 workers and manufactures different items like poultry farm etc. 

8-Society - Culture of Pakistan

"The customary beliefs social forms, and material traits of racial religious or social group are called culture."Different facts of population such as total population and its regional distribution ratio of rural and urban population growth rate and population per kilometer, education and educational ability and significant professions of the people etc.

 Are on top. The process of obtaining these facts is called a census. Hindko is spoken in the districts of Rawalpindi and Attock in Punjab and districts of Abbottabad, Mansehra, Haripur, Peshawar and Kohat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Name Pakistan Studies
Pages 152
Language Urdu Medium
Size 45 MB

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