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9th Physics book pdf download
9th Physics book pdf download


Hi dear students if you want to really download 9th Physics book PDF then you are right place. This book contains 9 chapters and 226 pages. In this book you learn about different Physics rules we use in our normal life.You also read some different experiments.

I explain all 9 chapters some important paragraphs if you really want to read this paragraphs or chapters with details then download 9th Physics book PDF.

1-Physical Quantities and Measurement

Man has always been inspired by the wonderful nature. Man always been wondered to know the secrets of nature. The knowledge gained knowledge about observations and experimentation is called Science. The word science is taken from the Latin word scientia, which means knowledge.

Not until eighteenth century, vacuous aspect of material objects were studied under a single subject called natural philosophy. But as the knowledge depth increased, it was divided into two different type main streams; Biological sciences which are concerned with the study of living things and  Physical sciences which deal with the study of non-living things.Measurements are not confined to science.

They are part of our lives. They play an important role to describe and understand the physical world. Over the centuries, man has improved the methods of measurements. In this chapter, we will study some most important physical quantities and a few useful measuring instruments related to Physics. We will also lean the measuring techniques that enable us to measure various quantities accurately.


The first thing concern to motion of an object is its kinematics. Kinematics is the study of motion of an his object without discussing the cause of motion. In this chapter, we will study the types of motion,vector and scalar quantities, the relation between speed, velocity, displacement and acceleration; linear motion and equations of motion.

We see various things around us. Some of them are at rest while others are in motion.A body is said to be at rest, if it does not change its position with respect to its surroundings.
Surroundings are the places in its neighborhood where various objects are present.Similarly, A body is said to be in motion, if it changes its position with respect to its surroundings.


In kinematics, we are all studied the changes in motion only. An understanding about the changes in motion is a little value without knowing its causes. The branch of mechanics that deals with the study of motion an object and the cause its motion is called dynamics.

 In this chapter, we will study momentum and investigate what causes a change in the motion of a body and what role the mass of a body plays in its motion.

First law of motion  deals with bodies which are either at rest or moving signification speed at a straight line. According to Mr Newton's first law of motion, a body at rest remains rest provided no net forces acts on it.

This part of the law is true that tell by Newton.As we know that objects do not move by themselves unless someone moves them.

4-Turning Effect of Forces

Can the nut of the axle of. a bike be loosened with hand'? Normally we use a spanner. A spanner increases the turning effect of force. Look at the picture on the previous page. What is the joker doing? Joker trying to balanced himself on wooden plank.

Can we all do the same? With a little effort we can lean to balance a stick vertically up on our finger tip.Balanced objects are said to be in equilibrium. In this unit, we will lean many interesting concepts such as torque, equilibrium, etc. and their applications in daily life. All these for each are applied in the same direction so these are all parallel to each other.

Such forces which are parallel to each other are called parallel forces.Figure 43 shows a bag with apples in The weight of the bag i due to the weight of all the app'es in it. Since the we got every apple in the force of gravity acting on it vertically downwards.therefore, weights of apples are the parallel forces. All these forces are acting in the same direction Such forces are called like parallel forces.

In figure 44(a) an apple is string The slung is stretched due to weigh; the apple. The forces acting on it are; weight of the apple acting versatility downwards and tension in the string  it vertically upwards. The two forces are parallel out opposite to each other.

 These forces are called like parallel forces In figure 4 4(b), forces F, and F, are also unlike parallel forces, because they are parallel and opposite to each other. But F, and F, are tot acting along with same line and hence they are capable to rotate the body.Unlike parallel forces are the forces that are parallel but have directions opposite to each other.


Isaac Newton was the first man who came up with the idea of gravity. It was an evening of 1665 when he was sit under a tree to trying to solve the mystery why planets revolve around the Sun. Suddenly an apple fell from the tree under which he was wing. The idea of gravity flashed in his mind.

 He not only  discovered the cause of falling apple but he also discovered the Cause that makes the planets to revolve around the Sun and the moon around the Earth. This chapter deals with the concepts related to gravitation. On the basis of his observations,

 Newton concluded that the force which causes an apple to fall on the Earth and the force which keeps the moon in its orbit are of the same nature. He further concluded that there exists a force due to which of the universe attracts every other body 'Hi corned this force the force of gravitation.

 Every body in the universe attracts every other body with a force.If you read this paragraph and interested to download  9th Physics book PDF then scroll to end to download this book.

6-Work and Energy

In Physics, work is said to be done when a force acts on a body and moves it in the direction of the force. The question arises how much work is done? Naturally, greater is the force acting on a body and longer is the distance moved by it, larger would be the work done. Mathematically, Work is a product of force F and displacement S in the direction of force.

Generally, work refers to perform some task or job. In science, work has precise meaning. For'example, a man carrying a load is doing work but he is not doing work it his ls not moving while keeping the load on his head. Scientifically, work is done only when an effort or force moves an object.

 When work is-done, energy is used. Thus, energy and work are related to each other. It helps us to identify changes that occur when work is done. This until deals with the concepts of work, power and variety.

7-Properties of Matter

Matter exists in three states, solid, liquid and gas There are many properties associated with matter.For example, matter has weight and occupies space.There are some other properties which are associated with one state of matter but not with other.

 For example, solids have shape of their own while liquids and gases do not. Woulds on the other hand have definite volume while gases do not have. Various materials differ in their hardness, solubility, flow, elasticity, density, conductivity and many other qualities. Kinetic molecular model helps to understanding the properties of matter in a simplified way.

8-Thermal properties of matter

We are all use heat not only for cooking but also for doing other jobs. For example, changing heat to  electrical energy, mechanical energy, etc. We can do this if we have basic understanding about heat.Heat is an very important concept of Physics.

 A quantitative study of thermal phenomena requires  a careful definition of such important terms as heat, temperature and internal energy. In this chapter, we shall discuss various concepts related to heat, temperature, measurements of temperature and various thermal phenomena. When we touch a body, we feel it hot or cold.The temperature of a body tells us how hot or cold a body is.

Temperature of a body ls the degree of hotness or coldness.A fire Is hot and is said to be at high temperature. Ice on the other hand is cold and is said to be at-low temperature. What we need is a 'reliable and practicable method to,determine the relative hotness or coldness of bodies.To understand the concept of, temperature, it is useful to understand the terms, the) contact and thermal equilibrium.

To store ice Ia summer, people wrap it with cloth or keep it in wooden box or in thermos flask. Io this way, they avoid the thermal contact of ice with its hot surroundings otherwise ice will soon melt away. Similarly, when you place a cup of hot tea or water in a room, 0 cools down gradually. Does it continue cooling? It stops cooling as it reaches the room temperature.

9-Transfer of Heat

Heat is an important form of energy. It is necessary for our survival. We need hear to cook our food and to maintain our body temperature. Heat is also needed in various industrial processes. How to protect ourselves from low as well as high temperature, needs knowledge of how heat travels.

In this unit, we will study various ways of heat transfer.Recall what happens when two bodies at different temperature are in thermal contact with each other. Thermal energy from a hot body transfer to a cold body in the form of heat. This is called as transfer of heat.Transfer of heat is a natural process.

There are three ways by which transfer of heat takes place.The handle of metal spoon held in hot water soon gets warm. But in case of a wooden spoon, the handle does not get warm. Both metals and non-metals conduct heat. Metal are generally better conductors than non-metals. I hope guys you read and want to download  9th Physics book PDF

Name Physics
Pages 226
Language English Medium
Size 40 MB

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