9th Biology book English medium download for free

9th Biology book English medium
9th Biology book English medium

9th Biology book English medium


In 9th biology book you read about human life.Here you also learn about animals and plants.This book is totally free and you download here easily.This book contains 9 chapters. I explain 5 chapters starting paragraphs.

I change some line due to google plagiarism policy so if you want to read this chapter fully then download complete book.

1-Introduction To Biology

Biology is the scientific study of life. The word “biology” has been derived from two Greek words; ‘bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘thought or reasoning’. In the course of biology, we will study how man has thought about living things.

To understand and appreciate nature, it is essential to study the structures, functions and related aspects of living organisms. The study of living organisms also provides information and remedies to human problems regarding health, food, environment etc.

2-Solving A Biological problem

The method in which biological problems are solved, is called biological method. It explain the steps that a biologist  do in order to solve a biological problem. This method has played an very important role in scientific research for almost 500 years.

From Galileo’s experiment (in the 1590's) to current research, the biological method has contributed to the advancements in medicine, ecology, technology etc. Biological method also provides the quality of data for public use. Man has been always a biologist. He had to become a biologist in order to live.

In history, Man was a hunter of animals and a gatherer of fruits, seeds, roots etc. The more he was knew about animals and their habitat, the more successful hunter he was after this knowledge. The man knew about plants.


At least 10 million kinds of organisms inhabit the Earth but man have only studied less than one third of these and cataloged (put in record) by biologists. Diversity among the Earth’s organisms is more different than the fundamental unity of life. We see these are all organisms share many biological characteristics.Five principal groups of organisms are prokaryotic, protests, fungi, plants, and animals.

In this chapter we will study and focus on the differences among different groups of organisms. And We will also learned and see how are organisms classified and named.

4-Cells And Tissues 

Butterfly wing is a thin sheet of cells, and same the shiny layer of our eyes. The meat we eat daily is composed of cells and its cells soon become part of our cells. Our  fingernails,eyelashes, orange juice, the wood of our pencil - these are all produced by cells. In this chapter we will learn about cells and take a close look on it.

And also we learn about their internal structure. We will also learn how specific cells group together to form tissues.The use of microscope is known as microscopy. The first compound microscope was developed by Zachariah Jansen, in Holland in 1595.I hope dear you download 9th biology book from here.

5-Cell Cycle

The most basic and important characteristic of life is reproduction.This occurs at different levels of organization. Parts of cell chromosomes produce new chromosomes, cells create new cells and individuals produce offspring like themselves.

we learn Rudolf  virchow in 1st chapter.Rudolf  virchow proposed an important biological principle i.e. all cells come from cells. This principle tells us that all continuation of life, including all aspects of reproduction, totally based on the reproduction of cells. We usually refer cellular reproduction as cell division.


Anabolism includes the biochemical reactions in which larger molecules are synthesized while catabolism includes the biochemical reactions in which larger molecules are broken down.The energy is released in catabolism and it is utilized in anabolism. In this way the biochemical reactions are actually transfers.

During metabolism, chemicals are transformed from one to another by enzymes.Enzymes are crucial to metabolism because they act as biocatalysts and speed up and regulate metabolic pathways.Enzymes are proteins that catalyze (i.e. speed up) biochemical reactions and are not changed during the reaction.

These are next three chapters i can't explain this due to an issue so if you want to read this chapters then download 9th Biology book for free.




Name Biology
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