9th class English book download free

9th class English book
Dear students here you download 9th class English textbook lessons details free if you want then visit our website.
9th class English book
9th class English book


Dear students here you download 9th class English book free. This book contains 60 pages and 22 chapters. This book for class 9th published by Punjab textbook. I explain this book all 22 chapters details according to my idea and in my own words.

So if you interested in 9th class English textbook lessons read with complete details then download this book link given below to post end.

All chapters in short detail

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) The Greatest Reformer - In this chapter you get lessons from Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) life. Hazrat Muhammad was the greatest leader and a reformer who change peoples minds and agree him to accept Islam. Hazarat Muhammad bears a lot of pains to spread Islam in the world. 

He is very good and polite. His life fills with a lot of lessons so if you want to learn some lessons from her life and some important incidents who face him in her life then download the book for more details.

Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A) - In this chapter you read about Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A). He is a great warrior of Islam. His father name Waleed Mugheera and he belongs to warriors family.
I know more about his life so read her life in the book.

Kindness to Living Things - This chapter fo living things on earth. This chapter tell to students always show here kindness for living things. Allah Almighty always like persons who love living things on earth. So dear students deal with any person or any other living things with love and peace.

Rural and Urban Life in Pakistan - This chapter relate to village and city life in Pakistan. Rural men village life and Urban mean City life. In this chapter, the writer writes on a family who belongs to the village and came to the city for enjoyment during summer vacation. This family visit the city market and more interesting places. After visiting these he and her children enjoy a lot.

The Chinese Wisdom - This chapter belongs to a Chinese wisdom. This explains the third-century story of a prince sent by her father to the temple for getting an education. Son name Tai and her father name was master Pan Ku. So dear students if you are interested in this chapter then download the 9th English textbook.

Women Arise! - The writer writes this chapter for women to strive for a better life. Writers say women play an important role in nation-building by involving the entire nation. For making a nation strong is important to involve women in his struggles. Writers say our country-women also self-employed. They also say much more but I can't explain.

The Chinese New Year - In this chapter you learn about the Chinese new year. How the Chinese spent her new year and do more celebrations. In this chapter also writer explains a little bit of words for other religions like Muslims, Hindus and christen. He also explain her traditions. But this chapter mostly explain Chinese culture.

Ladies Park a shambles! - In this chapter writer explain the conditions of parks in Pakistan. He also says a Fatima park in Rawalpindi faces a financial crisis. He says the Pakistan government did not care about those places where people spend their time for enjoyment and refreshments. He try to tell the government to focus on these things through her words in this chapter.

Sports and Games - This chapter related to games that students play in their schools and also every one person plays if he interested in these games in her life. These games important for health and students look active after playing these games. So if you interested to read this chapter with full details then download the 9th class English book for free link given below to post end.

Save Nature - In this chapter you learn how important nature for our life. But we cant care these things we waste these things sometimes without any solid reason. Without these things men did not live on earth. So care about these things like water, air, and land because these play an important role in our lives.

Bees - This chapter relates to bees. Bess who make honey for ourselves. These insects live in groups and make honey for him. Best social insects I think these honey bees. I hope students you also love to taste honey because it is very sweet.

Filling the Forms - In this chapter, you read about form also you fill in your life for getting admission in your school or college. These forms fill with question paper asking to you. These questions ask information and other important about yourself.

Admission Open! - This chapter writes on students who go to college or university for admission. This chapter guides you on how you can get admission in college or university. This chapter in the book you watch some images so more details if you are interested then download the 9th class English book.

What Happens to the Rain - In this chapter students read how rain important in our life. If rain did not happen then no life on earth. Rainfall on different things some rainfall on sea and become its part again. Some rainfall on other things that absorbed by earth.

Knowledge is Light - Knowledge is very important for our life. Any person not spend a life on earth without knowledge. When we born we start to get knowledge from our around. In Holy Quran ou Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad say: Seek knowledge though you may have traveled to China.

Doctor's Advice - This chapter tells to students how eat food. In this chapter, a brother tells her sister how to eat food that he buys from the shop. He also says if a man does not follow these tips that explain in the chapter then man becomes ill and faces a lot of diseases.

Road Safety -  In this chapter writers try to say to students a lot of persons every year die on road accidents. In these peoples childrens, womens and mens are included. Some people recover their injuries after treatment but some of them are crippled for life. If you want to read this chapter that is important for you then download the 9th class English book.

All Poems in short detail

Little Things (Poem) - In this poem the poet trying to say something about little things who make a powerful thing after combining herself with each other. The poet says little drops of water make the mighty ocean and little grains of sand make the beauteous land. Poet also says many more words but I can't explain to you if you interested then download the 9th class English book.

Evening - In this poem the poet explains Evening. Poet says when the sunset day passed then night come a lot of stars on the sky. All birds go back to their home. They are totally silent at night. This poem is an interesting download book for reading it.

Abou bin Adhem -  This poem related to person Abou Adhem who a prince. Who gave a highly comfortable life for the service of mankind and the love of God. Poet through the Abou bin Adhem teaches us to love our fellow men if we want to be blessed by God's.

Truth - the Best - The writer says in this poem truth is best. He trying to say always spoke truth in every type of condition. Allah Almighty also loves her person who always spoke the truth. So dear students always spoke the truth in your life.

Daffodils - In this poem writer explain her visit. In this visit he watch a host of golden daffodils beside the lake of beneath the trees who fluttering and dancing in the breeze. So dear students if you are interested in this poem or all poems then download 9th class English book for free.

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