9th English book free download

9th class English book free download
9th class English book free download


Here you download 9th English Book for free in PDF format latest version.This book published by Punjab text book.It contains 60 pages.It has total 18 chapters and 4 poems.Due to PDF format you can easily view on any type screen like mobile and PC etc.I explain this all chapters.I explain a little bit of all chapter so if you want to read all chapter download 9th English Book.

1-Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) The Greatest Reformer

A performer is the one who brings about reforms in a society with great model. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) was the greatest reformer of the world and a preacher of religion.But also without him the whole world would not have been improved.He was sent to reform the whole of the mankind.When he started preaching God's message, the idol worshipers of  Arabia became civilized people.

2-Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A)

Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A) who is great warrior of Islam was a son of Waleed bin Mugheera. His father was a noted leader. He belongs to warriors family. During his youth he had attained enough skill in horse riding and sword fighting.He had also learnt other skills of warfare.He led many expeditions.This lines taking from 9th English Book.

3-Kindness to Living Things

Kindness is a great virtue. God is love and the best prayer to God is the love of his creation.Kindness benefits both, the and the receiver.The best and the easiest way of pleasing God is serve people in his bad time.

"Little deeds of kindness,
Little deeds of love,
Make this earth an Eden,
Like the Heaven above."

4-Little Things (Poem)

Little drops of water,
Little grains of Sand,
Make the mighty oceans,
And the beauteous land:

5-Rural and Urban Life in Pakistan

Suddenly a voice came from the dining table one fine day, "Today we shall take Hamid to the Liberty Market." Hamid come from his village to visit his uncle in Lahore during summer holidays. The whole family got ready for going toLiberty Market. Hamid was very happy to enjoying the city life with his cousins Nadir and Harris.

6-The Chinese Wisdom

In third century the greatest leader send his son Tai to get education.His master live in Pan Ku. Pan Ku train king son Tai perfectly because he was the next leader.I explain according to my words due to some polices so please read book chapter for complete understanding.

7-Women Arise!

Nation building is a good strugle for making nation.By involving the entire nation. For the past few decades, women improve a remarkable social and political awareness.There is a visible urge in them to strive for a better life.

8-Evening (Poem)

I cant define the poem due to plagiarism error so please download the book for this poem. 

9-The Chinese New Year

Muslims follow the Hijri calendar.First month is Muharram. However, there comes a difference of ten days each year because the moon completes its revolution round the earth in shorter time than the sun.This chapter related to Chinese new year I hope you enjoy this chapter.It is available in 9th English Book so download and enjoy it.

10-Ladies Park - a shambles!

In Rawalpindi only Fatima Park in B-Block Satellite Town is facing financial crisis.No administrative focus on him.. The park is turning into a jungle.I not write more for this chapter so download 9th English Book to read it complete with fun.

11-Sports and Games

All schools and colleges organize games and other extra-curricular programs for their students.These activities outside from regular studies.Please download book to read this chapter completely.

12-Abou bin Adhem (Poem)

Abou Bin Adhem (May his tribe increase!)
Awoke one night deep dream of peace,
Then Isaw, the moonlight in his room,
It spreads, and like a smell in room,
An angel writing a book of gold:

13-Save Nature

Wate,Air and Land are very important for our life.We breathe air and drink water and live on land.We can't tell the taste of water. All things is important for our life so please don't waste him.


Some insects live in groups or colonies. Insects live and work together.Is called social insects. The best social insects is honey bees.

15-Filling the Forms

A from fill with question paper asking information or facts for specific purpose. For example Post office man fill form to send you money to relatives. Telegram form is used to convey message or news fastly form one to another place without travel.

16-Truth - the Best (Poem)

Yesterday Rebecca Mason,
In the parlor by herself,
Broke a handsome China basin,
Placed upon the mantelshelf.

17-Admission Open!

In this chapter you learn how get admission and fill admission form.So download 9th English book and read this chapter to now about this.I can't explain about it because it in images.

18-What Happens to the Rain

Rain,hail and snow are the means that used to returend water to the earth. If this did not happen they are no life on earth. Some rain water fall onto the sea and become its part again.Download book for reading chapter carefully.

19-Knowledge is Light

God gives honor and status to those who believe.
(The Holy Quran)"Seek knowledge though you may have to travel China."(Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)).

20-Doctor's Advice

A lot of  shops  in city for eatable things and baby toys. Hina was tempted to eat 'fruit chaat' But her brother stopped her from eating it and said, "Look! there is a lot of dust around."It is unclean."Don't eat it."

21-Daffodils (Poem)

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowed,
A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

22-Road Safety

It is a sad fact of the modern life that in our big cities, thousands of men, women and children die every year in road accidents. A number of people who injured is great. Some, after medical treatment, recover but many are crippled for life.In this chapter author explains the deaths happen in world.If you really want to read this chapter so download 9th English Book link given below.

Name English
Pages 60
Language English
Size 18 MB

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