10th class Maths book PDF free download

10th class Maths book
10th class Maths book


Dear students here you download 10th class Maths book.This book contains 13 chapters on different mathematics fundamentals. Some chapters new for you and some chapters related to previous chapters you read in previous classes.

 I explain all chapters some paragraphs in my own words. So if you want to read these chapters with details then download 10th class Maths book for free link given below.

 Here you also download math book for class 9th mathematics book.

1- Quadratic Equations

An equation, which contains the square of the unknown quantity or variable, but no higher power is called a quadratic equation or an equation of the second degree.

2- Theory of Quadratic Equations

On solving quadratic equations, we get different kinds of roots. Now we will discuss the nature or characteristics of the roots in this chapter of the quadratic equation without actually solving it.

3- Variations


 A relation between two quantities of same kind is called ratio. If a and b are two quantities of the same kind and b is not zero, then the ratio of a and b is written as a:b or in fraction a/b.


 A proportion is a statement, which is expressed as an equivalence of two ratios, if two ratios a:b and c:d are equal, then we can write a:b=c:d.


   The word variation is frequently used in all science. There are two types of variations:
   Direct variation   
              If two quantities are related in such a way that increase in one quantity causes increase in the other quantity, then this variation is called direct variation.
   Inverse variation
             If two quantities are related in such a way that when one quantity increases, the other decrease is called inverse variation.

4- Partial Fractions

The two digits are the part of the expression of the alphabet. The component is indicated by the bar we write, the dividend above the bar and the division below the bar.Download 10th class Maths book for free for more details.

5- Sets and Functions

A set is a well-defined collection of objects and it is denoted by capital letters A,B,C etc.Set is also in numbers and other characters. One set contains one or more characters defined in medium brackets.So if you want to read set in details then scroll to end to download 10th class Maths book for free.

6- Basic Statistics

A frequency distribution is a tabular arrangement for classifying data into different groups and the number of observation falling in each group corresponds to the respective group. The data presented in the form of a frequency distribution is called grouped data.

7- Introduction to Trigonometry

An angle is defined as the union of two non-linear rays with some common points.The rays are called arms of the angle and the common end point is known as vertex of the angle.It is easy if we make an angle by rotating a ray from one position to another.

When we create an angle like this, the actual position of the ray is called the starting point and the last position of the ray is called the terminal side of the angle. If the rotation f the ray is anti-clockwise or clockwise, the angle has positive or negative measure respectively.

9- Chords of a Circle

A circle is the locus of a moving point P in a plane which is always equidistant from some fixed point O. The fixed point O not lying on the circle is called the center, the constant distance OP is its radius whereas the boundary traced by moving point P is called circumference of the circle.

13- Practical Geometry-Circles

The word geometry is derived from two Greek words namely Geo (earth) and Merton (measurement). In fact, geometry means measurement of the earth or land.Geometry is an very important branch of mathematics, relating to the shape, size and location of geometry data.

We will concentrate upon simple figures namely pints, straight line, triangle, polygon and circle in this unit.


Chapter 8,10,11,12 not explained because they are no definition in book and other some paragraph explanation.In these chapters only diagrams defined in pictures form. So if you want to read or watch these diagrams then download 10th class Maths book.

Name Mathematics
Pages 280
Language English Medium
Size 20 MB

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