10th computer science book in English pdf download

10th computer science book
10th computer science book


Dear students here you download 10th computer science book for free English medium. This book contains 7 chapters and 127 pages. In this book you learn about GW-Basic.GW-Basic is very old language.

They are lot of programs are available in book. In this book you also learn more deep information about computer.Dear students i explain all chapters starting paragraphs. So if you want to read all chapters with details then download this book link given below.

Here you also download 9th computer book.

1-Problem Solving

We solve problems and make daily decisions at home, work, games, and even general stores. Some problems and decisions are very challenging, and require a lot of thought, emo-non, and research. However, whatever the nature of the problem n, we always try to find multiple solution's so that we can have options to choose the best one.

Problem-solving is a skill Whatever Drupal PB Fooling and Will Wolverine Approach.If you were a troubleshooter, you would be a scope program. Problem solving methods are covered m many subject areas.

Burmese students learn to solve problems with the related systems approach, while engineer and science students use the engineer and scientific methods. Programmers use the software development method.

2-Data Types 

 (Assignment And Input/Output Statements)

The BASIC language was developed by John Kenny and Thomas Kurtz in 1963 at Dartmouth College, USA.It was invented as an instructional tool to teach students basic programming concepts. It was developed to address the complexity issues of older languages.

 GW-BASIC is an interpreter for BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) language. There are many other translators (compilers and interpreters) for BASIC from different vendors such as Q BASIC (Quick BASIC) which provides a menu-driven environment to write and execute BASIC programs.Here we shall refer to only GW-BASIC because it provides a simple and easy to use environment.

3-Control Structure

Control structures is used to control the flow of execution of a program. There are three types of control structures in BASIC; them are sequence, seitctfrm and kwp. All symptoms use some of these control structure or implement the sphagnum logic.So far we have been using only the squeezer structure.

In sequence structure instructions are executed according to the increasing order of their line numbers. So the instructions at smaller One numbers are always executed Ibsen then instructions at greater line numbers. I hope you read these paragraphs and you enjoy this book and you want to download 10th computer science book for free.


In previous chapter of das boot, we have written simple programs in which less number of variables has been used as numeric or string variables. If we have to use hundred or thousand different variables in a program, it will become dis cult to handle them. For example a program has to store names of hundred students in a computer.

 It needs hundred different variable names. So an array can solve these type of problems by defining names instead of contagion memory location defining several names for string different values.

5-Sub-Program and File Handling

As a program gets longer, it becomes more difficult to handle most computer languages excluding GW-Basic features that facilitates such situation. A separate large program is divided into smaller, manageable parts called subprogram or modules.

 It is designed to perform a specific task and return a value. In BASIC, there are two types of subprogram: standard or "built-in" and user-defined. Intrinsic Function or built-in functions are provided by the BASIC, and allows the programmer to use them so that s(he) does not have to write code to handle certain situations.

 A overrefined function is written and specified by the programmer to accomplish a particular task.
The function will always return a value to the "calling" module. Let us begin with the standard functions.As previously mentioned, standard functions are provided by BASIC and simply have to be "called" upon for use.

 The called function will have a particular name followed by parentheses. An argument is "passed" to the function by inserting a constant, enable, expression, or another function inside the parentheses.

6-Graphics In Basic

Graphics is an art that designs and produces reflective representations of information.This facility is provided in almost all the versions of BASIC language. It is displaying information on screen. Graphic is that area of computer programming which rs highly in use these days.

 It depends on the hardware such as input, output and graphic card (Color Graphic Adapter, Video Graphic Array).Let us start km the beginning. Your screen is made up of hundreds plus of pixels. The number of pixels horizontally and vertically determines the resolution of your motor.

In GW-Basic, we can be m any number of graphics modes, which define the current graphics resolution's (pixels), text resolution's (characters), number of colors, and number of video pages. There are 13 screen graphics modes, and each has its different purpose.

 There are several ways of drawing to the screen. Each uses things called coordinates to define what area of the screen to use. A coordinate is a specific pixel (Picture element: A pixel is one dot on the screen). Your computer screen ts made with I Honolulu little square of color (pixel) you can determine any coordinate.

A coordinate can be determined by counting the numbers of pixels sonar and the number of pixels to the right the pixel.

7-Microsoft Word

Initially the pars people use to write-down unmet with the help of pen or pencil and paper. Then afire 'that thievery started to use typewriter but people still face too many problems such as erasing or editing etc. the documents. Computer software solved these problems. Them is variety of software that performs specific task.

For example, word processor is an application that is used to writ document. Microsoft word is a powerful word processor program.Microsoft Word is an essential tool for the creation of documents. If you want to create a maple letter to a friend or you want to write a detailed, multi-page report containing graphics and tables wilt numerical data.

 you can do it quickly and easily time in the Microsoft Word  you to easily combine text, spreadsheets, and graphics into d tingle.You can also use Word to create your own Web pages.

Dear students thanks for visiting our website and downloading 10th computer science book for free.Visit our website regularly for more education data.

Name Computer Science
Pages 127
Language English Medium
Size 28 MB

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