Islamiat lazmi 9th/10th class book pdf download

Islamiat lazmi 9th class book pdf-Islamiat lazmi 10th class book pdf-here you download this book for both classes.
Islamiat lazmi 9th/10th class book pdf
Islamiat lazmi 9th/10th class book pdf


If you really want to download Islamiat lazmi 9th/10th class book pdf free then just scroll download to end to download this book. This book contains education data for class 9th and class 10th. This book contains 80 pages.

So if you are in class 9th or 10th  then download this book. This book contains parts of both classes. I explain both classes Nisab. Download the book for more details.

Class 9th Nisab

In Islamiat lazmi 9th class book pdf you read Surat-al-Anfal (Ayat 1-75) for class 9th. You also read Ahadhees Nabvi (s.a.w). Dear student, you read a total of 10 Ahadees. These Ahadhees is very knowledgeable for our life. Every student who read it take some good lesson from it. So I hope you really read it.

In this Nisab you also learn 4 chapters that relate to our Islam and our life. In the first chapter, You read about Quran Majeed. Second chapter related to Allah and its Rasool Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w).In the third chapter, you get a lesson about knowledge.

You also learn why knowledge is important in our life. In the four-chapter, you read about Zakat. You read why zakat is important. These four chapters are very important and knowledgeable so read these chapters carefully after downloading Islamiat lazmi 9th class book pdf free.

Class 10th Nisab

In Islamiat lazmi 10th class book pdf you read Surat-al-Ahzab(Ayat 1-73) for class 10th and also you read Surat-al-Mumtahina (Ayat 1-13). These Surahs are taken from Quran Majeed. In this Nisab you also read the remaining 10 Ahadhees from 11 to 20. I hope you get some good examples and lessons from these Ahadhees.

You also learn 5 chapters in this Nisab. These chapters related to every person's life live in this world. First chapter Taharat or Jismani safai related to our life. Second chapter Sabro-Shukar gives a lesson when you in trouble then what to do.

You also read good examples and take a lesson from our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w) life. Third chapter Aaili Zindagi ki Ahmiyat tells us how important is our life and how to spend our life according to Islam.

In the fourth chapter Hijrat-o-Jahad, you get knowledge about Jahad and Jang. In five and last chapter Haqooq-ul-Ibad, you read about our normal person responsibilities. How it's important for our life.

If a man did not follow Haqooq-ul-bad then Allah never forgave those persons who do this. So be careful. I hope you really want to download Islamiat 10th class book pdf so scroll down to post end to download  Islamiat lazmi 9th/10th class book pdf free.

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Name Islamiyat Lazmi (Compulsory)
Class 9th-10th Combine
Pages 80
Language Urdu Medium
Size 24 MB

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