10th class chemistry book in English pdf download

10th class chemistry book in English pdf download


Hi, dear student here you download the 10th class chemistry book. This book contains 8 chapters on different topics related to our life. You really enjoy these topics after reading. Some topics are really very interesting and relate to our life.

You also learn some experiments in this book. 10th class chemistry book English medium book contains chapters 9 to 16 if you want to read previous 8 chapters then download 9th class chemistry book. This book downloaded from the Punjab textbook board.

9- Chemical Equilibrium

In general, we assume that most chemical and physiological changes lead to supplementation. A complete reaction is one in which all reactants are converted into products. However, most chemical reactions do not complement as the products themselves prepare to be reactants.
There is no change in the amount of reactants and products, and the reaction seems to have stopped.

In fact, they do not react; rather, they are on an oath at an equal rate and achieve a state of equilibrium, this type of reaction is called the reverse reaction. This paragraph is taken from the 10th class chemistry book chapter 1 so if you want more details then download the book.

10- Acid, Bases and Salts

Acids, bases and salts are three separate classes in which almost all organic and inorganic compounds are classified. Jabir Bin Hian, a renowned Muslim chemist, manufactures nitric acid (HNO3), hydrochloric acid (HCI) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4).

In 1787, Lavisir named binary compounds such as oxygen CO2 and SO2, which gave acid solution when dissolved in water. So if you really want to read the complete information about acids, bases and salts, then download the 10th class chemistry book pdf.

11- Organic Chemistry

Initially (before 1828) organic chemistry was derived from the chemistry of plant and animal compounds. The word organic signifies life. The compounds derived from plants are often made up of C, H and A elements, while animal-derived compounds include C, H, N, O, S, P .... etc.

12- Hydrocarbons

The simplest class of organic compounds is hydrocarbons (compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen elements). Hydrocarbons are divided into four general classes depending on the nature of the bonds in the molecules.

Each carbon atom of hydrocarbon has four bonds. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons. Not only are they a great source of energy, they are also used by staff to create thousands of consumer products. So if you interested then 10th class chemistry book in English pdf download for free.

13- Biochemistry

Biochemistry is one area that is very important today. It deals with naturally occurring macro-molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and vitamins. These macros are synthesized by animals belonging to simple molecules in the molecule environment.

Macro molecules are essential to us because they are energy sources. So, if you are interested in reading biochemistry in detail, scroll down to post end and download Punjab textbook chemistry 10th class pdf or 10th class chemistry book online view.

14- The Atmosphere

There are four natural systems in our planet Earth: lithosphere, hydrosphere, environment and biology. We must know and understand these systems in order to survive on earth.

In the 10th class chemistry book this chapter, we will focus only on the environment.

The study of atmospheric composition provides us with information about the importance of gases in the atmosphere. The environment is divided into four regions. Each region has its own natural characteristics.

15- Water

Throughout history, mankind has recognized the importance of water. This is important for two reasons. Oh, it's an integral and major component of every living cell. For example, the human body is about 70% water. Therefore, all living organisms owe their lives to water. I hope you download 10th class chemistry book English medium.

16- Chemical Industries

Chemical industries were set up to meet the needs of modern societies, metal is the science of extracting metals from metals. Metals play an important role in the development of societies.

Since the metals of the day are used in the manufacture of tools, machines and other objects. In modern times, even though polymers have replaced metals, the importance of metals cannot be ignored.

All these chapter details are taken from 10th class chemistry book if you want to read these chapters in detail then view 10th class chemistry book online or download 10th class chemistry book in English pdf download for free.

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