1st year English book part 1 class 11th pdf download

1st year English book-Here dear students you 11th English book pdf free download. 1st year English book part 1 class 11th pdf download.
1st year English book part 1 class 11th pdf download


Hi, dear students here you download 1st year English book part 1 for free. This book contains 101 pages and 15 chapters on different cool topics. This book for class 11 published by the Punjab board textbook and also downloaded from the Punjab textbook board.

Now I explain 1st year English book chapters in my own words and idea. Some topics are taken from chapters so if you want to read these chapters with more details then download the English book for 11th class.

1st year English book chapters details

1-Button, Button

This chapter shows a lesson for persons who are greedy. In this chapter, you learn about a person's wife who readies to kill someone for money. But her husband not agreed with him. He forced his husband but he not agree.

In the end, he pushes the button that received by a person. The person said when he pushed the button he received the money from a company. But when he pushes button he receives a call from the hospital that her husband died in a road accident.

He became very sad and begin to cry. The money he received after pushing a button the same to the author's insurance policy. For more details 11th English book pdf free download from post end.

2-Clearing in the Sky

In 11th English book pdf this chapter, you read a story on an old man who works hard till her death.
The old man grows a land on the top of the mountain. He often visits to check her health. One time the doctor said to an old man to go a home and enjoy a few remaining days with his family.

But he does not follow the advice of doctors and work hard on his land. One time he tells his son when he has gone to the top of the mountain if he follows the doctor's advice then he did not remain healthy.

3-Dark they were, and Golden - Eyed

The bittering family is emigrants who join the other Earth people to escape from the nuclear war on the planet Earth:  they flee to the planet Mars in a space rocket. When they arrive, they find that all martian towns are deserted, empty, and quiet. There are, however, ghosts - or memories - that still remain in the dead cities.

And there is something that brings changes in the Earth people who have come to live there. Harry Bittering is determined to cling to his Earth ways, to make an Earth life for himself and his family on Mars, to work and wait until he can return to his Earth ways, to lose their Earthliness.

4-Thank you, M'am

A woman taught a wicked boy right from wrong when he tried to snatch her purse late at night. The boy lost his balance and fell on the sidewalk. After this, she caught the boy and gave him some jerks and dragged behind him to her house. This paragraph is taken from 1st year English book.

5-The Piece of String

One of the author's favorite ways of telling a story is to tell it as though he had personally been involved in it. The teller of the story has no part in the events, but telling it in this way helps make it real. The Piece of string depicts the hard facts of life, It is written in a simple way, understandable for the common reader.

It is a story of rural life where cow and calf can be seen. The main character in the story, Hubert was very economical and he was of the view that every useful thing ought to be picked up, He took the bit of thin cord, Which led him to the trouble and no one believed him that he had picked up the string.

He died in agony. The theme of the story is that protecting your innocence makes most people believe you are guilty. Download and read 1st year English book chapter number 5 for more details.

6-The Reward

The story is a fantastic adventure of a young man, Gorgios, a good athlete of his age.  An idea thought our mind to becoming a Court acrobat. He worked all time and long stuck with him and become remain determined to get his mission.

His regularity succeeded him in achieving his ambition after hard work of more than sixty years without using any short cut or becoming frustrated. A person who works regularly remains his determined and keeps on his struggle he succeeds to get his animation.

7-The Use of Force

The use of force in certain conditions, when sick children resist getting themselves examined, becomes necessary to save their life. Otherwise, there is every likelihood of the danger of their death for not getting medically related. These lines are taken from the English book for 11th class.

But when the sick child resisted opening her mouth, the doctor had no choice but to overpower her and forced her to open the mouth, the doctor had no choice but to overpower her, and forced her to open the mouth by placing the heavy silver spoon at the back of her teeth, and saw the tonsils covered with remembrance - the real cause of her illness.

8-The Gulistan of Sa'di 

Sheikh Sa' di (1184 - 1992), like Homer and Shakespeare, was a great storyteller. He belonged to Persia. He traveled from India in the East to Tripoli in ht eWest and wrote Gulistan, the great work of all times. The translation of Gulistan soon won the admiration of European scholars.

9-The Foolish Quack

In this chapter of 11th English book pdf, you learn about a foolish quack. You also learn who is good for camels is not good for old men and women who are ills.

The story reveals the foolishness of a quack that applied the cure of a camel to an old man who died instantly and he got the punishment.

10-A Mild Attack of Locusts 

The attack of locusts is a natural calamity that makes human beings helpless in saving the crops, an asset, and a source of living for and agriculturists. The farmers after locusts attack did their best to save their crops from locusts.

The burnt big fires to drift up thick clouds of smoke and made a loud noise by beating the tin cans to keep the insects away from their fields. But all their attempts failed. and the insects ate every blade of their crops leaving the fields to give a look of a devastated landscape.

However, they did not take the loss to their hearts and remained clam. They endured what they could no cure. This chapter on amazing topic and knowledge so 11th English book pdf free download for complete details.

11-I have a Dream

The emphasis is one the negation of racial segregation in the society. A nation cannot enjoy the glory of democracy without treating all the sections of the community, rich and poor, high and low equally; and is judged not by the color of their skins. But by the contents of their character.

12-The Gift of the Magi

Della and Jim had a great love for each other and could not think of celebrating Christmas without presenting the gifts. But they had no money so they sold their most beautiful and valuable things to buy gifts, which proved too nice to use on the occasion. The story reveals that the exchange of gifts on holy occasions makes life most loveable. Read this chapter from 1st year English helping book.

13-God be Praised

In this story, he has depicted the life of a village Maulvi and his miseries relating to his domestic lie, his low income and the marriage of his daughters, and about suitable matches for his daughters. Reading this chapter complete download 1st year English book.


The story is about a young man who conceals his poverty by dint of his overcoat. When he's wearing his overcoat he seems to be a respectable young man going out on the Mall Road on Saturday evening. But when he's crushed by a truck and dies in the hospital, the doctor and the nurses come to know what a destitute he was.

15-The Angel and the Author - and others 

In this story, the author dreams that he is dead and is going up and up. Now he feels that he has lost all opportunities to do good. He tries to recall whatever good he had done during his lifetime when he was living in this world.

He realizes that he has done no deed of great benevolence during his lifetime. The angel who records good deeds of people is flying with him. He asks him what deeds of goodness he has recorded for him. Download English book for 11th class for reading this with details.

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Name English
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Pages 101
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