9th-10th class general science book download

9th class general science book-10th class general science book-download for both classes.
9th-10th class general science book
9th-10th class general science book


Hi, dear students here you download 9th-10th class general science book for free. This book contains 188 pages and 11 chapters. I explain these chapters starting paragraphs those taken from books.

So if you want to read these with details then download class 9th general science of class 10th. Here you also download all other books for class 9th and 10th.

1-Introduction and role of Science

The history of science is as ancient as the man himself. With the passage of time man learned from his interaction with the surroundings which later added to his knowledge of science e.g.. when he burnt first time the wood for the fire, he basically discovered the process of combustion and he also came to know that wood burns but the stone does not.

Greek philosophers give special interest in science. They took interest in science even before 500 B.C. Greeks were not interested in proving their ideas through experiments. They have a firm belief that life is based on air, water, earth, and fire and these four elements make different things when combined in different proportions.

2-Our life and Chemistry

In the body of living organisms, many elements were found in different quantities. In carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen have great importance. The human body also constitutes these three elements.

These elements combine to form organic compounds such as proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. All these compounds work as a building material for the bodies of living organisms e.g meat, pulses, fats, cooking oil, sugar, wheat, etc.


Carbon is one of the important parts of all living things on this planet. Small quantities of carbon are found in the earth's crust as the free element. Carbon is an important element of natural compounds such as natural gas, petroleum, and wood, etc. Carbon is also present in the food you eat.


Hydrogen is an important part of water (H2O). It is the most common element in the universe, for example, the sun is a huge white-hot consisting almost entirely of hydrogen.


Oxygen is a colorless, odorless gas that is slightly soluble in water. Fish and all forms of aquatic life rely on this property. It is the major constituent of air. The various organic compounds containing oxygen are glucose, sugar, cellulose, fats, proteins, etc.

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3-Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Biochemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with all the chemical reactions taking place in living organisms like plants, animals, bacteria, etc. These chemical reactions can help in the synthesis (anabolism) or breakdown (catabolism) of biological molecules.

The digested food becomes part of the body due to anabolic reaction while respiration is a simple catabolic reaction. Hi, guys if you want to read this book with complete details then download class 9th-10th class general science book.

Its knowledge has been used to produce a large number of material for the benefits of human beings. The term biotechnology was introduced in 1970. The techniques of biotechnology can be used to alter the genetic makeup of microscopic organisms to produce useful materials like enzymes and hormones etc.

4-Human Health

The health is wealth and a great gift from God Almighty. Human health not only depends upon the type of food we take but also on the fact whether a man is acquainted with all the phenomena occurring in its body. Only after having a comprehensive knowledge of all these facts he can be successful to maintain his health.

In this chapter, we shall not only discuss the role of diet to maintain human health but we shall also try to investigate both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence human health and how a man can cope with all these challenges. Guys download class 10th general science book for more details.

5-Diseases, Cause, and Prevention

Microorganisms are the living cells which are present all the time around us in the environment such as earth, air, water. All infectious diseases are caused by microscopic bacteria and viruses. These organisms are of different shapes and sizes.

Nevertheless, some disease-producing organisms can be seen by human eyes, such as intestinal worms, etc. The fungus looks like planets but they have no roots, stems, and leaves and these can also cause many diseases.

6-Environment and Natural Resources

The atmosphere is an envelope of gases. it covers earth from all sides. It is about 200 km thick. The air we breather in is part of the atmosphere. Photosynthesis and burning also occur in the presence of air. The atmosphere maintains the temperature of the earth and protects from the harmful radiation coming from the sun.

Pollution means, any change in the air, land, or water which have undesired effects on man or other living things on earth or may have such effects in the future.

Human activities in the modern industrial world produce a large number of wastes. Different gases (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, etc.), smoke, useless particles, and toxic water are released from factories and vehicles.


Energy is an essential part of our lives. Energy is used in our daily life in different forms. We do many tasks from dawn till dark. For this, we have to spend energy. When we get tired after working we fell hungry, we take food which provides us energy.

We cannot do anything without light. Light is also a form of energy. WE require heat to warm ourselves in winter. Heat is yet another form of energy. In summers, we use fans, refrigerators, and air-conditioners for cooling, Besides them, er use many other appliances all of them work with electricity. Electricity provides the energy to run.

All of the motorbikes, heavy vehicles, airplanes, and ships consume fuel, which provides energy. As our usage for machines increases, our requirement of energy also increases. Read all chapters with details after download the 9th-10th class general science book for free download link given below to post end.

8-Current Electricity

Electricity is a very common form of energy, which we use in our homes and workplaces every day. It as facilitated the availability of our needs of life. Just turn on the switch and the electricity starts its work.

Electricity is used in four important ways. It causes fans, electric motors, and machines to move. It provides light through bulbs, tubes, and television. In an aloud speaker, it is converted into sound and in electric iron, heater, and toaster it assumes the form of heat.

9-Basic Electronics

Revolutionary changes have occurred in the world during the last fifty years. Especially, there has been much progress in the field of electronics. The early radio set was so big that two persons could hardly move it. people used to have huge gramophones to enjoy music.

The conquest of space was confined to only imagination. In the beginning, big valves were used in the T.V set. The computer occupies many rooms. But today is the age of microchips. By the use of chips, T.V and computers are reduced in size to such extent that they can be easily shifted from one place to another.

Their efficiency has increased to many folds Communication through has increased to many folds. Communication through satellites has become very common. Transmission from any place can be watched all over the world. this is all by virtue of electronic. You also download the general science of class 10th for free.

10-Science and Technology

We had extremely limited resources in the beginning when Pakistan came into being. Most of the things of daily usage had been imported from other countries. In the field of science and technology, we were lagging so much that even a bicycle or a fan was not manufactured.

By the grace of God, motorcycles, cars, tractors, and even ships are now made in Pakistan.No doubt, it is the age of science and technology, Without the progress in this department, no country can keep the stability of real independence. It always depends on others for their necessities.

11-Space and Nuclear Programme of Pakistan

Traveling in space, sometimes it had been a dream of man, which has now become a reality, Space travel became possible due to the invention of a rocket. In a rocket, fuel is burnt with the help of liquid oxygen and the gases produced by it are expelled from its back with very high speed and in reaction, a rocket moves ahead.

Through artificial satellite, Metrostat, cloud making pictures are taken The meteorologists predict the weather through the study of these pictures. They also inform people before time about the cyclone and their speed and direction. I hope you really download 9th-10th class general science book for more details.

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