Health and physical education 9th-10th book

Health and physical education-Hi dear students here you download Health and physical education book for class 9th and 10th free.
health and  physical education book 9th 10th
 health and physical education


Hi dear students here you download Health and physical education book for class 9th and 10th free. You use this book for both classes.

This book related to daily exercise and man body. After reading this book you got a lot of education about the human body. You read a lot of exercises. After reading this book and doing exercises you feel very better. So I hope you download this book or read this book online.

This book contains 84 pages. This book divided into two parts first part for class 9th and second part for class 10th. I explain both parts chapter in my own words so if you want to read these chapters then download health and physical education book link given below to post end.

Health and Physical Education 9th(Part 1)

In health and physical education book for class 9th you read total 9th chapters related to our human body and different games. After reading these chapters you know how to play different games. All games different rules.

 How the player completely fits her body after doing a lot of exercise. In this part you also read human body different moving and its benefits. And you know how man become fit after doing these movements.

 In this part you also read man moving total parts with details. So download this book and enjoy all these benefits after reading this book.

Health and Physical Education 10th(Part 2)

In health and physical education book for class 10th you read a total of 8 chapters related to our human education, food and social health. In this part you read about human body education. In this chapter you read all about the human body and its movements and its different parts.

 In these parts also define more different games who man play and enjoy. we also play different games in our life. But in this part, you read these game rules. In this part, you also read different entertainment places and its benefits.

Social health you read how any person become healthy after following these some tips. In food the latest chapter you read about our daily food. How many food best for health. How to eat food and its timing. So download this book for enjoying all these chapters.

If you interested and want to read health and physical education book with details then download and read it for more details. This book for both classes 9th and 10th.

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Name Health and Physical Education
Class 9th-10th
Pages 84
Language Urdu Medium
Size 5 MB

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