1st year computer science book pdf free download

1st year computer science book pdf free download


Hi, dear students here you download 1st year computer science book pdf for free. This book contains 171 pages and a total of 10 chapters. These all chapters explain the depth detail about computers in today's life. 1st year computer science book pdf downloaded from the Punjab textbook board.

Now I explain 11th computer book pdf all chapters in short details in my own words. So if you want to download this with complete details then 11th standard computer science book pdf download free from post end.

1st year computer science book chapters short details

1- Basic of Information Technology

This chapter for class 11th computer book pdf explains about information technology. In this chapter, students read how we use computers in every field of life. Everything we use in our life its use information technology.

Information technology used for high-speed communication. It increases the speed of communication between two or more persons anywhere in the world easily. Now in these days, it's possible to see your opponent face through video calling at very high speed using information technology.

If you want to read this chapter complete with depth details of information technology then dear students 1st year computer science book pdf download for free from post end.

2- Information Networks

In this 1st year computer science book pdf chapter you read complete details about the network with its different types and branches that we used to communicate with each other. The computer network is the convergence of the two most important technologies that is computing and telecommunications.

The entire world through different network models connected to each other. Some networks use cables and others use satellites. We use the internet to communicate anywhere in the world. We easily communicate through the network.

Our communication range depends on the range of computer networks. I hope you understand the basics of information networks for more details then kidly 11th computer book pdf download for free.

3- Data Communications

In this chapter 1st year computer science book you read details about how we live in a global village whos also called an electronic global village. computers and wireless devices that we use in our normal life are linked everywhere in the world.

Data communications are the network that use to exchange data between two devices through the internet or any network. We send messages and videos in today's life it is possible through data communication. 11th standard computer science book pdf download for reading it with details.

4- Applications and uses of computers

In the 11th computer book pdf, you read the application that used to run a computer. Without these applications, you not run a computer system. They are two types of application you read these types with details in 1st year computer science book.

The first is system software and the second is application software. We can not use the computer without system software. System software like windows and drivers etc. But users use Application software according to their needs.

5- Computer Architecture

In this chapter for 11th standard computer science book pdf you read computer architecture after reading this you understand how computer work. You in this chapter total 5 main topics that used to run the computer machine.

Control unit, Arithmetic and logical unit, Main memory, I/O unit, and bus interconnection are 5 important parts of the computer without these computers not work. You read all this computer structure in 1st year computer science book pdf. So download the book for complete details.

6- Security, Copyright and the Law

If you are computer user then you read the important information in 1st year computer science book in this chapter. In this chapter, you read how hackers hack your computer and steal your data. It also explains how safe your computer from a computer virus.

You also read the copyright law for different software that we are used in our normal life. You also read about computer security. You read how safe your data from hackers.

You also read about software that use to remove viruses from your computer. 1st year computer science book pdf free download and read this chapter completely because it is much important for you.

7- Windows Operating System

In this chapter for the class 11th computer science book, you read about the Windows operating system. Without operating system computers not work. If work users not understand. Operating system software and graphics that we see and use the computer.

Windows become most popular in a short time because it is easy to use and understandable easily by the user. It is also easily run-in low-quality computers easily. For more details about window 11th standard computer science book pdf download.

8- Word Processing

In this chapter, you read about word processing. Word Processing is a software package that is used 90 percent of computers nowadays. It uses for electronic typing, creating documents, and creating different important works. For complete details 1st year computer science book pdf download.

9-Spread Sheet

In this chapter 1st year computer science book you read about the spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is a software used to store calculating data and graphics and market analysis. I hope it's important for you so download a book I can't explain more.

10- Fundamental of the Internet

In this chapter, you read the history of the internet that we use now in our life. You read the network started and become popular over time. In 1969 ARPA established a small network among different universities.

It is started for connecting to army in war times but later it become popular and now it used in every field of life. If you want to now complete details about the internet then 11th computer book pdf download for free.

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Name Computer Science
Class 11th
Pages 171
Language English Medium
Size 11 MB

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